Great Heater Products that are 12V

During winter, it is quite hard to survive without warming up our homes and living areas. For those who travel a lot, portable heating systems are their best option. A 12v heater is one of the most efficient appliance home owners, car drivers, travelers and campers could rely on to ensure that they maintain the required warmth in their dwelling places. These heaters could either be plugged into a power socket or in a portable cigarette lighter to defrost windows and car windshields.

There are quite different models and designs of 12voltage heaters to ensure better portability and see to it that various living areas get appropriate heating. It is for this reason that every buyer gets a heater that is most suitable for them. How do you get one? A heater is usually available in most dealer shops as well as online stores. To get to realize which 12 heating system is most favorable for you; here are some of the most common models of 12v heaters in the market today.

Koolatron heater

This is a unique heater that comes with a specially built user interface. It allows effective and efficient warming through instant defrosting the moment power is turned on. These devices come with an auto switch that allows one to set a certain temperature limit at which the heater goes off or comes to live. It is possible to adjust the amount of heat you require from this heater. Other than that it comes with a 6 foot power cord that makes it possible for you to shift the heater from one place to another.

Power Hunt heater

This particular heater is the most popular of all 12v heating devices. The best thing about it is that it is incorporated with a fan which makes it helpful during the hot season as well. It is a powerful, durable and very reliable. Other than that, it is a small device which makes it easily portable and easy to handle. It utilizes direct connection to a power socket thus utilizing the full capacity of a battery and this increases its efficiency as well. Similarly, this heater is quite beneficial in that it goes on heating you car even after the power supply is cut; so you can just switch your engine off without worrying about the heater.

Maradyne Auto heater

This device is well adapted to warm up various types of cars. It can be easily attached to the windshield, windows or dashboard for fast defrosting as well as heating floors. It comes with a 3 speed motor and a heater hose that adds to its usage.

RoadPro heater

This is quite a small device that can be powered by just a cigarette lighter. It can then be easily attached to the back of the windshield and this hastens defrosting. Similarly, this heating system is incorporated with a fan thus making it reliable and easy to use in all weathers. It has enough power to charge and heat the driver area and the back seat as well.

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