• July 6, 2014 /  Heating Products

    Heating is one of the biggest expenses in most homes especially in the months when it turns cold. If you are concerned about your heating bill, you may want to try an alternative – a battery heater. Although they are not very easy to come across, they are a great alternative to gas and electric heaters. They cost a lot less and they come with one superior advantage; you never have to worry about the lights going out leaving you freezing in your home. They also lower the risks that come with heating using electricity and gas. Every year, dozens of people are burnt by fires that are started by space heaters that are fuelled by either gas or electricity. In some cases, especially where gas is used, carbon monoxide poisoning can occur which can be fatal.

    If you are considering a heaters with battery, you should first do some research. There are some models that are known to work and others that give out very little heat which essentially means that you are not going to heat your home sufficiently. Read online reviews to of different users and see what they recommend. There are brands that get praised all the time for great performance and you want to get one of these. You should also look into whether the heaters you are considering are energy efficient and whether they come with safety features that all them to short circuit in case they overheat or topple over.

    Another important feature to take into account is the area that you want heated. Battery heaters don’t heat large rooms very well so you may want to consider using them in small rooms. You should ensure that the room has sufficient ventilation. If you want to increase the efficiency of your heater, you should consider improving your insulation. Damaged insulation leads to heat loss and you end up paying a lot more for home heating. The costs keep climbing and eventually heating your home may become unaffordable.

    If you enjoy camping heaters with battery are a great investment for you. While it is true that when most people camp they build a fire, it is not always sufficient to keep them warm. Also, the fire dies down a few after you sleep. Battery heaters can come in very handy then. The will keep you warm through the night and the chilly morning. Battery heaters are also great for spaces in your home that don’t get heated by the main system such as the attic, the basement and even places like workshops and garages.

    When buying a battery operated heater, you should think about whether you will be moving it around pr whether it will be stationary. If you want to move it around, you should get a small model that is light to carry. If your plan is for the heater to stay in one place, then you can buy a bigger model that can supply even more heat. You should also think about the kind of heating that is required. In places that get very cold, you need more heat which means you should be looking for a battery heater that provide a lot of heat. These tend to be bigger and are made to stand in one place. They also come with bigger batteries. You should also look for a heater that has a fan to spread heat around the house. Be careful though; fans can be noisy so test the heater in the shop before you buy it.